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Weather Observation Station Data Lists

Displayed data list shows the latest 10-minutes value of weather stations.

Observation time:--------
All Area 敦賀エリア もんじゅエリア 美浜エリア 大飯エリア 高浜エリア 嶺北北部・奥越エリア 嶺北南部エリア
Name Wind Direction Wind Verocity Rainfall RainFall Sensor
--- --- --- --- ---

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Weather observation data:

Some of monitoring stations observe weather data as well as air radiation dose rate, and some observe only dose rate.
As for monitoring stations without weather observation device, data of the nearby weather observation device is displayed in this site for reference.

Table of monitoring stations and corresponding weather data:

Monitoring StationWind direction & velocityRainfall amount & detection
Tateishi MSTsuruga Weather (13m)Tsuruga Weather Ground
Tateishi MP
Inogaike MP
Urasoko MP
Urasoko MS
Fugen MP1
Fugen MP2
Irogahama MP
Nouma MSNouma Weather MSNouma Weather MS
Suizu MSSuizu Weather MSSuizu Weather MS
Itsuhata MS
Akasaki MSAkasaki Weather MSAkasaki Weather MS
Azo MP
Kaburagi MSKaburagi Weather MSKaburagi Weather MS
Imajou MSImajou Weather MSImajou Weather MS
Echizenkuriya MSEchizenkuriya Weather MSEchizenkuriya Weather MS
Monju MSMonju Weather GroundMonju Weather Ground
Monju MS1
Monju MS2
Monju MS3
Monju MS4
Matsugasaki MSMatsugasaki Weather MSMatsugasaki Weather MS
Mihama MP1Mihama Weather GroundMihama Weather Ground
Mihama MP2
Mihama MSTakenami WeatherTakenami Weather
Mihama MP3
Mihama MP4
Mihama MP5
Sugahama MP
Sata MPGouichi Weather MPGouichi Weather MP
Gouichi MP
Hayase MP
Hiruga MP
Shinjou MPShinjou WeatherShinjou Weather
Mikata MPMikata WeatherMikata Weather
Kaminaka MPKaminaka WeatherKaminaka Weather
Nishizu MPObama Weather MPObama Weather MP
Katsumi MP
Obama MP
Kato MP
Ooi MSOoi Weahter (27m)Ooi Ground Weather
Ooi MP1
Ooi MP2
Ooi MP5
Ooi MP3Hitsuhama Weather MPHitsuhama Weather MP
Ooi MP4
Hongo MPHongo Weather MPHongo Weather MP
Shikano MP
Kawakami MP
Natasyou MPNatasyou Weather MPNatasyou Weather MP
Takahama MP2Takahama Weather, DischargeTakahama Ground Weather
Takahama MP5
Takahama MSKounoura Weather MPKounoura Weather MP
Takahama MP1
Takahama MP3
Takahama MP4
Hibiki MP
Tai MP
Wada MPMiyazaki WeatherMiyazaki Weather
Takahama MP
Aonogo MP
Yushiodai MPMaizuru WeatherMaizuru Weather
Fukui Analytical Management Office MSAMeDAS FukuiAMeDAS Fukui
Eiheiji Town Office MS
Koshino Furusato Museum MSAMeDAS KoshinoAMeDAS Koshino
Ohno City Office MSAMeDAS OhnoAMeDAS Ohno
Katsuyama City Office MSAMeDAS KatsuyamaAMeDAS Katsuyama
Sabae City Office MSPref. Uryuu MSPref. Uryuu MS
Echizen City Office MS
Awara City Office MSAMeDAS MikuniAMeDAS Mikuni
Mikuni General Branch Office MS
Ikeda Town Office MSPref. Imadate MSPref. Imadate MS
Echizen Town Office MSPref. Ota MSPref. Ota MS

* As for the weather data of Fukui Prefectural monitoring stations (displayed like “Pref. xx MS”)displayed in this site, they provide their own data measured at each station.