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Weather Observation

Monitoring Stations and Their Name

The names of the monitoring stations are abbreviated as follows in this website, in order to identify the weather observation by the prefecture and nuclear company operators

  • Monitoring stations of Fukui Prefecture
     All 44 monitoring stations operated by Fukui Prefecture observe weather data.
     In this site, a prefectural monitoring station is displayed as “(place name) MS” or “Pref. (place name) MS”.
  • Monitoring Stations of Nuclear Company
     Each nuclear company operator locates weather station at the representative spot of each.
     In this site, a monitoring station of a nuclear company operator is displayed as “(place name) MS Weather”, or “(place name) MP Weather”. “MS” is the abbreviation for “monitoring station”, and “MP” is for “monitoring post”.
     Also, nuclear power plants provide facilities like an observation ground and a steel tower for weather observation. The data observed those facilities is displayed like “Ground Weather in (power plant name)”, or “XXm Elevation Wind in (power plant name)”.

Display of Weather Data

In this site, weather data is displayed as below

  • Web Map Display・・・Weather information appears in the balloon, which is displayed by pointing the icon displayed in the web map by the mouse. The data is displayed as latest 10 minutes data. (If the pointed monitoring station does not provide the weather information, the information balloon will not appear.)
  • Fixed Map Displa・・・Representative monitoring station data is displayed on the each map of “Near area around the power plant”, “Middle area around the power plant” and “Wide area around the power plant”. The weather data observed at each nuclear power plant is also listed on the each map of “Near area around the power plant”.
  • Trend Graph Display・・・It is displayed on the each time-series graph as additional information of air radiation dose rate and power plant data. As for the nuclear company monitoring station which does not provide weather observation, weather observation data of neighboring monitoring station is adopted.
  • Listed Display・・・Latest weather data of each monitoring station is displayed in 10 minutes data. Data elements are wind direction(16 directions), wind velocity(m/s), and rainfall(mm/10min).

※When the detected wind velocity is less than the measurable value of the measuring instrument (it depends on the instrument type and it is between 0.0 and 2.0 m/s), wind direction is displayed as “calm”.
※Trend Graph Display” provides “rainfall detection” is displayed with the rainfall data. “Rainfall detection” means whether rainfall or snowfall is detected or not, and it doesn’t depend on the amount of rainfall. The rainfall detector detects even a drop of rain and announces it as a signal of “rainfall detected”.

Monitoring station Weather data referent
Tateishi MS  Rainfall:
   Ground Weather in Tsuruga Site
 Wind Direction/Velocity:
   13m Elevation Wind in Tsuruga Site
Tateishi MP
Inogaike MP
Urasoko MS
Urasoko MP
Irogahama MS
Fugen MP1
Fugen MP2
Itsuhata MP  Suizu MS Weather
Azo MP  Akasaki MS Weather
Monju MS  Rainfall:
   Ground Weather in Monju Site
 Wind Direction/Velocity:
   Ground Weather in Monju Site
Monju MP1
Monju MP2
Monju MP3
Monju MP4
Mihama MP1
Mihama MP2
   Ground Weather in Mihama Site
 Wind Direction/Velocity:
   Ground Weather in Mihama Site
Mihama MS  Takenami MS Weather 
Mihama MP3
Mihama MP5
Sugahama MP
Sata MP  Gouichi MP Weather
Hayase MP
Hiruga MP
Ooi MS  Rainfall:
   Ground Weather in Ooi Site
 Wind Direction/Velocity:
   27m Elevation Wind in Ooi Site
Ooi MP1
Ooi MP2
Ooi MP5
Ooi MP3  Hitsuhama MP Weather
Ooi MP4
Shikano MP  Hongo MP Weather
Kawakami MP
Kato MP  Obama MP Weather
Nishizu MP
Katsumi MP
Takahama MP2
Takahama MP5
   Ground Weather in Takahama Site
 Wind Direction/Velocity:
   Takahama Discharge Canal Weather
Takahama MS  Kounoura MP Weather
Takahama MP1
Takahama MP3
Hibiki MP
Tai MP
Aonogo MP  Miyazaki MS Weather
Wada MP





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